Due to todays‘ high mobility and the migration into cities, the mega cities of the world function as a melting pot of different characteristics. Various traditional elements can still be seen in the way people dress, connect the people with their culture and heritage and are therefore important for establishing their identity.

At the same time, the fast pace of these cities can be overwhelming and demands the people to find a way to deal with the complexity and velocity of modern city life. Living in complex structures, people have to simplify as many sections of life as they can, to have the best possible outcome day by day. The modern streetwear look represents one of these simplifications. There is no time and need for a complex styling. Everything gets more and more basic, simple and clean.

MNKD explores the inbetween of these two important directions. We want to find a way, to keep hold of valuable folklore elements without renouncing on the eligible style demands of modern streetwear. The result leads the way to a futuristic perception of fashion, which not only satifies the need for functional style, but as well for an option to keep each persons‘ heritage alife in the way they express themselves on the street.